Journal Storage

We Go Notary knows that storing your notary journals for ten years adds a lot of clutter to your home or office. Let us help you remove that clutter so you can reclaim your space. We will pick up your notary journals so you don’t have to bring them anywhere. Should you ever need to obtain any of your notary journals, just ask us and we will deliver them back to you.

Our Notary Journal Storage offers low monthly rates starting at just $1 with no minimum requirements making it the perfect choice for you. Rest assured that your notary journals are in good hands and will be stored in a climate controlled, secured location. Contact us today to reclaim your space!

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ItemSize Cost
Storage of Physical BooksPer Banker Box Per Month $        10.00
Storage of Physical BooksPer Book Per Month $          1.00
Add book to Existing BoxPer Book $          2.50
Add or Retrieve BookPer Book $          5.00
Add or Retrieve BoxPer Banker Box $          2.50
Permanently Remove BookPer Book $          5.00
Permanently Remove BoxPer Banker Box $          3.00
DestructionPer Banker Box $        15.00
DestructionPer Book $          2.50
Pickup/Deliver (Per Trip)Next Day $        25.00
Pickup/Delivery (Per Trip)Same Day $        50.00
New Banker Boxes*Per Each Box $          3.00
Box Code LabelsPer Page $               –
Scanning (optional)**Per Book $        30.00
Scanning (optional)**Per Banker Box $  1,500.00
Electronic Storage (optional)**Per Book Per Month $          1.00
Electronic Storage (optional)**Per Banker Box Per Month $          5.00
“*Each banker box can hold approximately 60 books. Approximation based on a book thickness of 1/4 inch.

** Please note that the physical books must be retained until HAR 5-11 proposed changes are passed into law.”