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Administering an Acknowledgement

To administer an acknowledgement a notary must ensure the affiant is present in front of the notary and that the affiant acknowledges that they have signed the document under their free act and deed.

There are four key parts to every Acknowledgement. These key parts are listed below and must be
present for every acknowledgement

Key parts:

  1. Venue: The State, City and County in which the acknowledgement was taken.
  2. The date of the notarial act
  3. Body:
    a. a statement that indicates the signer appeared before you “before me appeared”
    b. the identity of the signer/the signers written name. Sometimes there is a blank to be filled in with the signers name.
    c. identification of the signer “to me known to be the person described in and who executed the foregoing instrument.”
    d. Voluntary acknowledgement statement “and acknowledged that he executed the same as his free act and deed.”
  4. Testament Clause: “As witness hereof I have set my official hand and seal.”

Example Acknowledgement:

State of Hawaii
City and County SS
of Honolulu

On _____ day of _______, 20__, before me appeared John Doe, known to me to be the same person who executed the foregoing document and acknowledged that he signed the foregoing instrument as his free act and deed.

Witness my hand and seal.

Notary Signature

Notary Printed Name
My commission Expires: June 2, 2024