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Government Notaries

Except as otherwise provided for by law, the head of every department, board, commission, bureau, or establishment of the United States, or of the State, or any political subdivision thereof, may designate one or more subordinates to be a notary who, after receiving a commission as a notary in government service, must perform, without charge, notarial acts in matters of business pertaining to the State, or the United States.

A Government Notary:

  • Is a notary that works in a government department and whose fees and bonds are waived.
  • Is limited by law to only perform notarial services pertaining to the business of the government.
  • May not demand a fee for their services to the government department.

A Government Notary may:

  • Be required to perform notarial services for the general public if the head of their department deems it as urgent necessity or convenience.
  • May not charge the general public for their service unless they have prior written approval by the Attorney General.
  • Any fees collected must be deposited into the Notaries Public Special Fund.