Section 1, Module 1
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Notarial Seal

Each notary is required to obtain a rubber stamp facsimile seal. Embosser style seals are no longer being accepted for registration.

Upon resignation, revocation, or death the notary public, or their representative, must deliver the notary seal to the Notary Public office for defacing and destruction within ninety (90) days. Failure to deliver the seal within ninety days may result in a fine of up to $200 at the discretion of the court.

The seal must:

  • Be circular
  • Not be over two inches in diameter (Can be smaller)
  • Have a serrated or milled edge border
  • Clearly show the notary’s name, commission number, the words “notary public” and “State of Hawaii”.

HINT: Draw the seal when asked to perform a notarization on the exam.