Section 1, Module 1
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Notary Certificate – Type 1

For documents being recorded at the Bureau of Conveyances the notary certificate must contain the following information:

  • The document date
  • The number of pages contained in the document being notarized
  • The notary’s printed name
  • The notary’s commission expiration date
  • The circuit in which the notarization occurred
  • A description of the document being notarized
  • The date the notarization occurred
  • The notary’s official signature and
  • An impression of the notary’s official seal

Below are examples of the first type of notary certificate, both blank and filled in. It is a good idea to remember each of the required items for each of the notary certificates. You may be presented with questions on the exam that require you to fill in each required field or to list out each required item for a specific notary certificate.