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Obtaining Your Bond, Seal, and Supplies

The cost of this training includes your notary seal, one notary record journal, and a notary certificate stamp customized with your registered notary name and commission expiration date.

To obtain your items you will need to submit a copy of your notary commission letter or exam pass letter to within six (6) months of the purchase date of this training and let us know that you are requesting the items above. Once we receive the request along with your notary commission letter or exam pass letter, we will process the order and send the these to you at no additional cost.

To obtain your notary bond, you will need to contact your business insurance company, auto insurance company, or other insurance company to request a notary public bond. The cost of a notary bond will vary depending on what insurance company you use but are usually available for around $100.00

Please be aware that bond and/or seal orders cannot be processed without a copy of the notary commission letter.