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Steps to Become a Notary

To become a notary public in the State of Hawaii you must follow all of the steps outlined below, in the order they are listed.

  1. Submit your application to become a notary
    a. Include a letter from your employer or self if self-employed as mentioned in the Application Subsection below.
    b. Include a letter from an individual that is not your employer or family member as mentioned in the Application subsection below.
  2. Register to take the exam
    a. Register early as the wait list can be long.
  3. Study the training materials provided to you and the laws pertaining to notaries public.
  4. Take the exam
  5. Receive your commission and letter indicating you have passed the exam
  6. Obtain your bond, seal, notarial certification stamp, and notarial journal
    a. Note: Your notarial certification stamp and notarial journal do not need to be filed with your bond, seal, and signature but you will need them to perform notarizations. It is best to
    obtain all these at the same time so you can start doing notarizations as soon as you authorized to do so.
    b. You can purchase notary public supplies such as journals, date stamps, custom stamps, acknowledgement and jurat addendums, etc. at If you need a
    custom stamp please email your request to
  7. Register your bond, seal, and official signature with the clerk of the circuit court in the circuit you reside and any additional circuits within the state that you wish to perform notarial acts.
  8. Wait for your authorization letter from the Attorney General’s office stating when you can start performing notarizations or until the date you are given when filing your bond, seal, and
    a. There is usually a 10 calendar day waiting period from the time you register your bond, seal, and signature to the time you will be able to perform your first notarial act.