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Submitting Your Application

Submitting your application is the first step in becoming a notary public in the state of Hawaii. When applying, be sure to register your notary public name the same way you will be signing it. This is important because your signature must match your registered name. For example, if you sign your name as Jane Smith then you want to register your notary public name as Jane Smith. By registering as Jane Smith this allows you to use your normal signature of Jane Smith when notarizing documents. If you register as Jane Smith but sign as Jane K. Smith then your signature no longer matches your registered name and you will have to change your signature to match your registered name.

The application for a notary public commission is provided by the State of Hawaii, Attorney General’s Office. Effective July 1, 2017, all applicants must register for an account and must submit their applications online. No mail in applications will be accepted.

You can set up your account at: https://login/

You must submit your application through the website at

As part of the application process, you will be required to upload two signed letters.

1. The first is a letter from a person that currently resides in the State of Hawaii, that is not a relative or employer, that can vouch for your integrity and moral character. A friend is often a good person to use for this letter.

2. The second letter will be from your employer, or yourself if you are self-employed. This letter will include the following information:

  • Detail the reasons why your commission is being sought
  • The types of documents you would be required to notarize in you line of work
  • The approximate number of transactions you would perform each month.
  • A statement acknowledging that your employer recognizes that the notary public is a public officer and that the applicant would be permitted to serve the general public in such capacity during normal business hours.

At the end of the application you will be asked to sign and submit an Affidavit to “faithfully discharge your duties as a notary public, declare that you are the applicant named in the application, that you have read the same and know the contents thereof, and that, to the best of your knowledge and belief, the answers and statements contained in the application are true and correct and are made in good faith.”