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What is a Notary Public

A Notary Public is a public officer that is commissioned through the Attorney General and is required to provide notarial services to the general public. The exception to this however is a Government Notary whose fees and bond are waived. These government notaries are limited by law to only perform notarial services pertaining to the business of the government. If urgent necessity and convenience is deemed by the head of the department of the governmental unit a government notary may be required to perform notarial services for the general public and if they charge for the service, then all fees collected must be deposited into the Notary Public Revolving Fund.

The State of Hawaii defines a Notary Public as a “public officer whose functions include:

  1. administering oaths;
  2. witnessing the signing of documents;
  3. attesting to the identity of the signers of the documents;
  4. noting protests; and
  5. taking acknowledgements of documents.”

HINT: Remember what the State of Hawaii Notary Public definition is.

By definition, a Notary Public is a “’public officer whose function is to attest and certify, by the notary’s hand and official seal, certain classes of documents, in order to give them credit and authenticity in foreign jurisdictions, to take acknowledgements of deeds and other conveyances, and certify them, and to perform certain official acts, chiefly in commercial matters.’ 66 C.J.S. Notaries § 2.”