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What is the Notaries Public Special Fund?

The Notaries Public Special Fund, formerly the Notaries Public Revolving Fund, is a fund held in the state treasury that is administered by the Attorney General.

Money in this fund is used to cover costs associated with the Attorney General’s office such as

  • Personnel costs,
  • Acquisitions of equipment
  • Operating and administrative costs,
  • And other activities related to notaries public as the department of the attorney general deems necessary.

Money deposited into this fund can come from:

  • Various fees,
  • Administrative fines and charges,
  • Other payments received pursuant to section HRS 456-9,
  • Penalties and fines for violations of sections HRS 456-3 and HRS 456-7,
  • Appropriations made for deposit,
  • And from any interest earned on money within the fund.