Section 1, Module 1
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Why Are Documents Notarized

Documents are notarized to protect the persons named as the signers of important documents. By placing the notary’s official signature and seal only on documents that have passed the requirements above, the notary forms an agreement between the parties involved that the notarized document is the only authentic document intended to be given full force and effect.

The notary helps to protect these persons by assuring:

  • Any signer present is the person required to sign the document.
  • The signer understands the transaction the documents grant and the terms within the documents.
  • The signer is signing the document under their own free will. (Not being forced, manipulated, or otherwise convinced into signing a document they do not wish to sign.)
  • Documents are completely filled in prior to or at time of notarization and that all blanks, check boxes, etc. are filled in or marked as not applicable. This is especially true where authorities, names, and monetary amounts can be inserted.

HINT: Remember why documents are notarized and how the notary helps to protect the signers.